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We use ETFs in our goals-driven investing programs


ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) offer a clear advantage: they’re a low-cost way of owning a basket of stocks and/or bonds.

Another advantage of using ETFs: diversification.

Why choose ETFs instead of individual stocks and bonds?

Using ETFs offers you three distinct benefits over buying and selling individual stocks and bonds:

Reduced risk

ETFs are a convenient way to own a basket of stocks or bonds. And a basket of stocks will have less risk than an individual stock.

If a single stock in the basket declines, it won’t hurt your portfolio as much as if you owned just that same stock.

Reduced work

Leave investment research to a professional money manager. Money managers group ETFs by objective: for example, growth versus income. This can help you and your advisor with picking an investment strategy that aligns with your goals without the hassle of picking individual securities.

Reduced transaction costs

The cost (ticket charges) to buy an ETF is often much lower than if you tried to buy each stock in the basket.

ETFs can also be more tax efficient than other investments as they generally have lower turnover within the portfolio.

How Wealthcare’s process manages ETF portfolios for you

How Wealthcare’s process manages ETF portfolios for you

Once your ETF portfolio is established, monitoring and managing holdings is important. We strive to ensure that your ETF portfolio stays in sync with its intended design and goals.

ETFs have a variety of characteristics that can impact success relative to objectives. These include: liquidity, deviations from net asset value, and tracking error relative to the target asset class.

How we select and monitor ETFs

How we select and monitor ETFs

We monitor your ETF selections relative to the growing universe of ETFs to ensure they remain appropriate for your portfolio.

This is based on key selection criteria: fees, tracking risk, liquidity, and the strength of the ETF sponsor. If ETF characteristics change, and/or new ETFs emerge, this may lead to changes in your portfolio.

We may change ETF selections in an effort to enhance your portfolio’s efficiency and keep it on track with your objectives.

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