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What Makes Wealthcare Different?

Wealthcare is different from other firms. We start with what matters most to you – your life...

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A Primer on Comfort Zone

We think it’s OK for you to be in your “financial” Comfort Zone. Here’s...

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What is the Comfort Zone?

Goals are not fixed data points. With this in mind, GDX360 is designed to capture each client’s...

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Commentary – Youth Sports Don’t Have To Be a Zero Sum Game!

A real-life scenario: A client comes to you and says, “I need to spend $500 per month for my kid’s sports. Can I?”

This not-at-all surprising CNBC article describes how youth sports are beating (up) the financial health of families. It says that using “buckets” is a good way to manage various goals. While we agree that investors benefit from planning, we believe it’s about *tradeoffs*, not buckets. Our thoughts…

Press Release – PlanIt!

Wealthcare, a wealth management innovation company, today announced that it has launched a new client engagement tool called “PlanIt”. This new web-based tool, accessible via https://planit.gdx360.com, introduces investors to the firm’s patented and distinctive Comfort Zone® approach, while giving advisors an additional way of prospecting.

Live Well, Invest Well

The Wealthcare approach to planning and investing focuses on what matters most to each client – their life goals. It’s about living your life, while staying focused on your future.