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Having a Great Conversation

What would a great conversation with an advisor look like? We think we have a good idea. And it’s something that we believe leads not just to a great conversation, but a great experience too.

What Makes Wealthcare Different?

Wealthcare is different from other firms. We start with what matters most to you – your life goals. Seems simple, but you have to ask yourself: why aren’t more firms and advisors doing this?

What is the “Comfort Zone”?

Comfort Zone is produced by our patented financial planning technology. It simultaneously evaluates your goals, investment strategy, assets, and all other financial resources to determine a level of confidence for you that you’ll meet or exceed your goals.

It’s the Goals Management Process, Stupid

Most planning software does not effectively help people set financial goals, nor manage them as life unfolds. A couple of reasons why most financial planning software misses the mark is that it frames 1) goals as point estimates and 2) priorities in simple, absolute rank order terms. There is never a single number for each goal, nor a rank absolute set of priorities. In reality, people think of goals in terms of ranges and of priorities relative to progress – meaning your relative priorities change as you progress from acceptable to ideal.

Welcome to the Goals-Driven Experience

Most financial plans are worthless.

They are created based on responses to a static survey in an effort to instill
confidence in a client’s retirement. They are evaluated quarterly and when the
markets move. They don’t reflect real life.

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