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Charles J. Schilleci, CFP®, RICP®, CKA®

Charles “Charlie” Schilleci is a Managing Partner of Wealthcare Partners of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. In 2017, Charlie and Dan Griffey aligned with Wealthcare Advisory Partners to provide clients with a goals-driven experience that seamlessly integrates planning and investing.

With thirty-five years of wealth planning experience, Charlie advises clients who are active and successful professionals, business owners and executives, and includes those who are working, approaching retirement, or retired. Clients turn to him to find clarity about their financial goals and lives by implementing a synchronized process that integrates planning and investments.

By following Wealthcare’s collaborative process, Charlie gives clients what they need most: a competent advisor to guide them in building and monitoring a financial roadmap. He uses Wealthcare’s Comfort Zone® to provide clients with financial independence rooted in the confidence that comes from having a dynamic, actionable plan.

Personal experience shapes Charlie’s views about the value and importance of planning. A medical challenge he faced ten years ago is the root of the passion he feels for helping to ensure that clients are prepared for the unexpected. To better serve clients with planning, Charlie earned the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and RICP™ (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designations, which evidence long-term commitment to professional development. In addition, as a Christian financial advisor, Charlie recently completed the Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA®) core training program. These experiences, along with his wealth planning knowledge and resources available through the Wealthcare Partners of Tennessee team, are the cornerstone of Charlie’s holistic approach to planning.

Not one to sit idly, Charlie is an active community participant. He’s a proud member of the University of Alabama Alumni Association, East Tennessee. Charlie also served on the board of the East Tennessee Financial Planning Association. He is also a member of Cedar Springs Church and Fox Den Country Club, and an active participant in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Among Charlie’s many blessings are his wife Christine, with whom he’s been happily married for 38 years, and his three adult children. Charlie and his wife enjoy golfing, spending time with the family at the beach and, of course, football games in Tuscaloosa! Roll Tide!

Daniel Griffey, PPC™

Daniel Griffey is a Managing Partner and Financial Advisor with Wealthcare Partners of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. Along with Charlie Schilleci, in 2017, Dan aligned with Wealthcare Advisory Partners. The team’s mission: to provide clients with a goals-driven experience that seamlessly integrates planning and investing.

After a long, successful stretch in outside sales with packaging and paper companies, Dan brought his business savvy and relationship-building experience to the financial services industry. With a background rooted in working with clients to help them achieve their goals, the next logical step was moving to a financial planning and service-focused advisory position. Dan’s passion is working with clients to help them identify and prioritize goals, manage their finances, and model investment strategies, and this passion serves him and his clients well.

Dan advises active and successful professionals, executives, and business owners in Tennessee and nine other states. Dan and Charlie are a high-touch team that adheres to a common objective: treat every client like family, and promote transparency and efficiency. Dan and the team’s white-glove service model matches the life goals of clients with a suitable investment strategy, regardless of the client’s stage in life or objectives.

By following Wealthcare’s GDX360® process that integrates planning and investing, Dan gives clients what they want most: a steady hand to help them build a financial roadmap and monitor progress toward their life goals. With Wealthcare’s Comfort Zone®, he helps give clients financial independence that comes from the confidence of having an actionable financial plan that adjusts when life changes.

Dan and his wife Susan get a thrill out of watching their two boys (one attends the University of Tennessee, the other a senior in high school) play baseball all across the Southeast US. The family enjoys traveling, especially if baseball is involved. Dan is a member of Avalon Country Club, where he regularly showcases his skills on the links. Growing up on Kentucky Lake in Paris, TN fueled Dan’s lifelong love of fishing. Dan graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. Go Racers!

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Life Relevant Financial Advice

My objective as your Wealthcare advisor is to inspire and guide you toward pursuing the life of your dreams. I will help you explore your highest aspirations and imagine the life you may have never thought possible before. And together, we’ll create your personal “Financial Strategies” plan.

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Why Wealthcare?

Established in 1999, Wealthcare Capital Management (Wealthcare) is a very different kind of a financial advisory firm. We pioneered a new way of providing financial life guidance, using Goals-Based Wealth Management. The cornerstone of our patented goals-based investing process is quite simply to help our clients, above all else, to make the most of their life.

We accomplish this by helping you understand and identify your most important life goals. And then we align your investments with those goals. Our process guides you through the myriad of changes in your life that will invariably require financial decisions. This is what we refer to as Financial Guidance for Life.

At Wealthcare, we measure our success in our clients’ fulfillment — one client at a time.

With our goals-driven investing approach, you will:

  • Have your personal goals in complete alignment with your investments.
  • Always know where you stand and we’ll present your progress reports in “plain” English.
  • Have confidence in your ability to reach your goals, independent of market fluctuations and changing life circumstances.

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Our Process

Wealthcare’s patented process is designed to help you reach your life goals, while minimizing unnecessary investment risk or needlessly sacrificing your life now.

Our process is dynamic and continual, as is life, and it will guide you through the entirety of your financial life.



A conversation that helps you to visualize your most important life goals

Dream Big

Dream Big

Do you like to travel? How will you pay for your children’s education? What exactly does “comfortable” retirement look like to you? You’ll cover these topics — and more — during our initial conversation.

We’ll use this conversation as a launching pad for creating your financial life plan. My objective as your Wealthcare advisor is to inspire and guide you toward pursuing the life of your dreams. I will help you define your life goals, and most importantly, will guide you toward achieving them.

But this is just a beginning. Wealthcare’s financial plan is not a “set it and forget it” tool. It’s a dynamic financial guidance system that evolves as your circumstances and financial markets change. I will continually monitor your plan against your changing life events and your investment portfolio, keeping the two in sync. Our software runs sophisticated market simulations, designed to monitor, measure and track your progress and report back to you with clarity.

Your Comfort Zone®

You will have confidence in your financial life plan because I will be constantly performing analytics in an effort to ensure your success. At Wealthcare, we call this being in the Comfort Zone. The Comfort Zone measures the probability of reaching your financial goals. And it also alerts you if you veer off course.

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Comfort Zone®


  • $1,000,000
  • $800,000
  • $600,000
  • $400,000
  • $200,000

Net Worth $

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This chart is for illustrative purposes only.

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Stay on Course

The Wealthcare process is YOU-driven, not market-driven. As your circumstances, goals and priorities change, I will work with you to make appropriate adjustments. Whatever life events come your way — from expanding your family to buying a vacation home — I will monitor and measure each event against its financial impact on your plan.

Stay on Course
Enjoy a Fulfilling Life Now

Enjoy a Fulfilling Life Now

At Wealthcare, we don’t believe you should make unnecessary sacrifices in life, or take unnecessary risk.

What if you could: Spend more. Save less. Retire earlier. Or take less investment risk?

With the Wealthcare advising process we can explore these possibilities. When your plan is inside the Comfort Zone, you can be confident you will arrive at your desired financial destination. Our singular purpose is to help you make the most of your life.

  • The Wealthcare process addresses your financial needs AND your dreams
  • It shows how to make smart trade-offs among your different and often competing priorities
  • It helps you achieve a unique personal balance

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It All Starts with a Great Conversation

A conversation that helps you visualize your most important goals and helps your advisor create a life plan for achieving those goals.

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What is Comfort Zone?

Central to the Wealthcare GDX360 process is the Comfort Zone®, produced by our patented financial planning technology.

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Strategic Partnerships

Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC (WCAP) has developed strategic relationships with several firms in order to provide a full investment management experience for our advisors and clients. The key firms in our investment process and their relationship with WCAP are described below:

LPL Financial


LPL Financial LLC (LPL) is a FINRA-regulated full-service broker-dealer which provides brokerage services to WCAP advisors. Most of WCAP's advisors are also securities registered with LPL. LPL offers a full range of securities products and services, as well as insurance products and services which are made available to WCAP clients through our common financial advisors.

LPL also provides custody and clearing for WCAP's Advisory accounts.

Wealthcare Capital Management

Wealthcare Capital Management LLC (WCM) is contractually engaged by WCAP to provide financial planning, discretionary investment management and non-discretionary advisory services to WCAP clients. The financial planning process WCAP uses was developed by WCM, and WCM manages and runs the planning department and technology that WCAP uses today.

WCM is an Investment Advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and manages over $1.3 Billion.

WCM also provides WCAP administrative, corporate financial, accounting and legal services under contract to WCAP to facilitate the running of WCAP's business.

While WCM and WCAP have some common corporate management and staff, they are separate and distinct legal entities with their own ownership structure.

WCAP and WCM are Investment Advisors registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.

LPL is not otherwise affiliated with WCAP or WCM. There is no common control or ownership, and LPL is a separate legal entity.