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Discover the Wealthcare Experience

Today, it’s all about the “experience”.

Whether you’re hiking in the Grand Canyon, SCUBA-diving in the Cayman Islands, or buying a car, having a great experience is what defines our happiness. In this video, we talk about what makes for a fantastic experience, and how Wealthcare embraces the experience concept in the wealth management industry.

It’s not enough to say you have an outstanding client experience. You need proof of concept.

Enter WealthcareGDX.

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The GDX360 Difference

The GDX360 Difference

GDX360® is a goals based wealth management process that helps advisors synchronize financial planning, investment strategies, goals-driven advice, operations, and compliance. Click to learn more about the following key components of the GDX360 platform:

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GDX360 Wheel

We’re re-imagining the advisory business.

Wealthcare’s GDX360 platform integrates planning and investing in one seamless, ongoing experience. This allows advisors like you to focus on what you do best: find and manage client relationships.

By doing the heavy lifting associated with planning and investing activities, the GDX360 platform frees up time. Time you can use to build your business.

Click a section on the wheel to learn about the WealthcareGDX experience.

Client Discovery Conversation

  • Focus on what matters most – a client’s life goals
  • Build deeper, more meaningful client relationships

Life Goal Ranges

  • Goals are ranges, not static data points
  • What a client really wants, vs. what they will accept
  • “I want to retire at 65, but am willing work until 70.”

Goals-Risk Exchange

  • Setting priorities across all goals – what’s most important
  • Prioritize goals: trade-off between goals and risk
  • “I’m willing to work until 70, if doing so lets me take less risk.”

Investment Strategy Modeling

  • Model impact of your preferred investment approach on goals
  • Choose from 49 programs and 490 portfolios
  • Match life goals with active and/or passive strategies

Plan Blueprints

  • Create plans that align goals with investments
  • Build alternate scenarios to further clarify goals and priorities
  • Include advanced planning strategies (estate, insurance, LTC)

Client Comfort Zone

  • Balance goals for today and tomorrow
  • Designed to avoid needless sacrifice and/or taking too much risk
  • Shows “sweet spot” based on Monte Carlo simulations
  • Manages uncertainty for clients and gives them confidence

Investment Policy

  • Document client’s investment strategy targets and portfolio management constraints
  • IPT (investment policy ticket) provides trading and compliance oversight
  • Capture client instructions: “Do Not Buy”, “Do Not Sell”, other restrictions, and systematic cash withdrawals

Tax Optimization - Asset Location

  • Look for opportunities to place assets across accounts in household in an effort to minimize tax impact
  • One example: put high-turnover equities, REITs, and commodities in tax-deferred/exempt accounts
  • Another example: place muni bonds and low turnover assets (passive equities) in taxable accounts

Household Level Rebalancing

  • Manage portfolios at household level, not account level
  • Ability to reduce trading costs and taxes
  • Look to use tax deferred/exempt account to rebalance entire portfolio

Tax Sensitive Withdrawls & Loss Harvesting

  • Household-level trading and rebalancing in an effort to minimize taxes
  • Smart strategies designed to minimize tax impact of withdrawals
  • Ability to realize losses while maintaining overall asset allocation

Investment Oversight

  • Ongoing investment manager search and selection
  • Regular market research and commentary

Comfort Zone Monitoring

  • Keeps track of client progress toward goals
  • Provides actionable ideas to get back into Comfort Zone
  • Manage goals and investing behavior to limit emotional decisions

Third-party rankings and recognition from rating services are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly rated advisor does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results. Ratings should not be considered an endorsement of the advisor by any client nor are they representative of any one client’s evaluation.

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