Helping Clients Reach Financial Success Through Goal-Setting

Our Investment Philosophy is simple. We believe in guiding people to live better lives through a rewarding goals-based process. With GDX360, we align your client’s goals through a professionally-managed, multi-strategy investment program that brings together multiple asset classes within a single portfolio.

We offer advisors a solid, strategic roadmap built to withstand any market volatility.

Our investment policy structure keeps clients focused on their goals with confidence even in volatile markets. GDX360 provides a solid, strategic roadmap for advisors in managing their client’s portfolios. It also adds context for making decisions when whipsawing markets might influence a client’s behavior. GDX360 gives you investment policy tools to keep clients from making behavior-based, less prudent choices.

We promote fiduciary responsibility with clarity and organization.

We promote fiduciary responsibility with clarity and organization.

GDX360 investment policy tools strengthen compliance and promote fiduciary responsibility.
With GDX360, you capture your client’s intentions concerning portfolio management by creating an Investment Policy Ticket (IPT) for each household. An IPT provides clarity and detail to ensure that expectations are set and understood. It can also help shield an advisor from suitability and discretionary-related claims.

We believe in collaboration to continuously evolve and enhance our offering.

We believe in a “team of teams” approach – we value the insight of financial advisors and the feedback they receive from clients on how to continuously elevate service and technology offerings. GDX360 provides advisors and clients an opportunity to collaborate and communicate openly. Updating the client’s plan and IPT to reflect changes in their circumstances or goals is a fiduciary-level service. It’s an open conversation that helps you uncover the specific parts of the client’s investment policy, including:

  • Choice of investment model
  • Risk allocation
  • Asset allocation & active risk policy
  • Implementation strategy
  • “Do Not Buy” and “Do Not Sell” lists
  • Funds and accounts
  • Withdrawals
  • And more…

Goals-Based Asset Allocation

Combining Planning with Investments To Ensure Your Clients’ Best Interests Always Come First

Combining Planning with Investments To Ensure Your Clients’ Best Interests Always Come First

Wealthcare’s GDX360 takes a modern approach to investing by creating a financial plan that aligns with a client’s specific life goals. Whether that goal is retirement, education planning, starting a business, or milestone travel, GDX360 helps advisors build a personalized financial plan with investment strategies to help them pursue their dreams.

While identifying optimal asset allocations for goals-based plans may seem more time-consuming as each client has distinctly personal plans for their future, GDX360’s forward-paced technology combines the human touch of an advisor with optimized data. It’s a differentiator for advisors not offered elsewhere and an excellent foundation for building deep, trusting relationships with clients.

How It Works
Our interactive and investor-friendly process starts with an open, refreshing conversation. The conversation uncovers what matters most to your clients – their life goals. From there, you begin outlining a client’s goals, and the process then moves to choosing an investment strategy.

At Wealthcare, we believe that financial planning must go beyond traditional methods. Advisors can no longer use static risk scores and cut-and-dry confidence metrics to win the affection of clients. That’s why we pioneered GDX360, our goals-based wealth management platform that combined technology with service.

Multi-Manager Portfolio Construction

Diversify Manager-Specific Risk with Multi-Manager Portfolio Strategies

Diversify Manager-Specific Risk with Multi-Manager Portfolio Strategies

GDX360 investment strategies offer a goals-based process that aligns your client’s goals through a professionally-managed, multi-strategy investment program. GDX360 brings together multiple asset classes within a single portfolio.

Multi-manager funds offer several potential benefits over other investment alternatives, especially for clients focused on -reaching goals for retirement. They offer the expertise of multiple investment managers in one fund, and multi-strategy portfolios offer numerous opportunities for potential returns while diversifying manager-specific risk. To maximize these benefits, Wealthcare gives advisors access to a thoughtful and disciplined process of manager search, selection and ongoing monitoring.

The Benefits

  • More predictable outcomes from a monitoring process that is rigorous and ensures the fiduciary standards are met
  • A simplified approach for clients backed by the forward-paced technology of GDX360
  • Portfolios better suited to pursuing specific goals. While single-asset class funds suit a broader audience, multiple managers offer the potential to create portfolios that align with client goals.

Household Level Rebalancing

Greater Flexibility, Fewer Trading Costs, Reduced Tax Impact

Greater Flexibility, Fewer Trading Costs, Reduced Tax Impact

Wealthcare manages portfolios at the household level, giving advisors greater flexibility in trading and rebalancing, resulting in lower trading costs and a reduced tax impact on clients.

Many firms manage portfolios at the account level. For households with multiple accounts, account-level rebalancing requires more trades as each account is traded to reset the account’s allocation. More trades mean more costs and more bandwidth.

With household-level portfolio management, Advisors look across a client’s entire household to determine a cost-effective way to rebalance. The process reduces the number of necessary trades, reduces costs, and provides clients with a streamlined tax-smart approach for their investments.

Benefits of household-level portfolio management*

*(assumes accounts of varying tax types, compared to traditional account-level implementation)

  • Fewer positions at inception; lower trading implementation costs
  • Investment strategy applies to the client’s entire overall portfolio
  • Smarter tax-efficient strategies use tax-deferred or tax-exempt accounts where possible to rebalance the entire portfolio
  • Rebalance using fewer positions, resulting in fewer trades & lower costs

Our household-level portfolio management offers advisors a streamlined approach to rebalancing and more peace of mind for clients who trust their advisor is minimizing their tax impact.

Tax Alpha

Simplify Tax Planning For Your Clients

Simplify Tax Planning For Your Clients

GDX360 provides advisors with a simple, efficient strategy designed to minimize the tax impact for clients. Wealthcare uses a Tax Alpha Investing program managed by TRACM®, our proprietary, household-level portfolio and tax management platform.

Our Approach

Our tax alpha approach looks to cut trading costs, fees, and taxes using asset location and other smart tax strategies, along with household-level portfolio management. The goal is to offer fewer positions, lower trading costs, and ultimately reduce taxes for your clients.

Three Key Features of our tax-efficient GDX360 model:

  • Asset Location – An effort to place assets in the optimal account type and identify the right balance between risk and reward
  • Tax Loss Harvesting – Selling securities to offset the amount of capital gains tax on other investments can lower a client’s overall cost basis
  • Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies – Focuses on multiple strategies to reduce taxes resulting from withdrawals

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