Wealthcare Launches New Key Enhancements to its Patented Comfort Zone

New Digital Dashboard will help financial advisors enrich their client experience.

RICHMOND, Va. (Oct. 17, 2022) /PRNewswire/ – Wealthcare Capital Management LLC (“Wealthcare”), a technology-enabled full-service RIA that supports independent financial advisors and a NewSpring Holdings platform company, today launches its upgraded Comfort Zone® technology, providing financial advisors with a digital dashboard that helps clients visualize and plan for their futures in a dynamic and simplified way.

Since its inception, the Comfort Zone has evolved from an analytic tool to an intuitive, visually appealing planning approach. The updated platform combines analytics and status reports into a new digital dashboard to create an easy-to-understand visual snapshot of how a client is tracking toward their financial and life goals, making abstract concepts real and quantifiable.

“With the ongoing economic volatility, showing clients their financial comfort zone is more critical than ever,” says Matt Regan, President of Wealthcare – “Our sophisticated yet user-friendly platform helps advisors elevate conversations beyond numbers and build trust more quickly with clients. The Comfort Zone and its ability to communicate advanced financial planning concepts help advisors have open conversations and prioritize financial topics, ultimately differentiating them from the competition with an unmatched client experience.”

Comfort Zone’s interactive planning experience with step-by-step tools enables clients to see how their financial decisions connect to their goals and facilitates clients playing a more active role in their financial journey. Together, GDX360® – Wealthcare’s values-based, goals-driven experience model – and Comfort Zone help advisors develop stronger relationships, maximize client loyalty, build new business, and continue to scale as they grow.

Regan adds: “With Wealthcare’s GDX360 and Comfort Zone, our goal is not to measure financial success with laser precision. It’s about balancing saving and spending so that your clients can plan for tomorrow and live for today. By determining a comfortable range of possible outcomes between ‘ideal’ and ‘acceptable,’ and staying within that range, advisors can have confidence that whatever happens in the world – politically, legislatively, economically – they can offer clients advice on which adjustments are necessary to ensure they always remain within their comfort zone.”

About Wealthcare

Wealthcare, architected its original goals-based planning and investing methodology more than 20 years ago and holds 12 patents on its established goals management process. Powered by its patented Comfort Zone®, Wealthcare’s approach features innovative, personalized experiences and step-by-step tools that create deeper relationships between advisors and investors. Wealthcare empowers firms and advisors to go independent and grow their advisory businesses by providing GDX360® – Wealthcare’s proven fiduciary process that seamlessly integrates planning, investing, and trading – and a full-suite of practice-management services. Wealthcare comprises two RIAs, Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC and Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. Learn more at www.wealthcaregdx.com.

About NewSpring Holdings

NewSpring Holdings, NewSpring’s dedicated holding company with a strategy focused on control buyouts and platform builds, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to take profitable, growing companies to the next level through acquisitions and proven organic methodologies. Founded in 1999, NewSpring partners with the innovators, makers, and operators of high-performing companies in dynamic industries to catalyze new growth and seize compelling opportunities. The firm manages over $2.5 billion across five distinct strategies covering the spectrum from growth equity and control buyouts to mezzanine debt. Partnering with management teams to help develop their businesses into market leaders, NewSpring identifies opportunities and builds relationships using its network of industry leaders and influencers across a wide array of operational areas and industries. Visit NewSpring at www.newspringcapital.com.

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