Wealthcare Welcomes Rob Walsh

Wealthcare Welcomes Rob Walsh

Wealthcare Welcomes…..Rob Walsh with Birds Eye Wealth Planning.

Rob is a financial advisor based in Neptune, New Jersey, with 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. He provides goals-driven financial planning that is a truly comprehensive (bird’s eye) view of your finances. This includes investment, retirement, tax, college, insurance, business, group benefits, and estate planning.

Rob chose to affiliate with Wealthcare to gain access to the GDX360® process, the WealthcareGDX® (Goals-Driven eXperience) platform, and their collaborative partners, such as Holistiplan and Stone Castle Cash Management.

Utilizing this platform, Rob can relinquish many of his non-revenue-generating tasks to Wealthcare. This allows him to spend more time focusing on his mission to bring clarity to his client’s financial world.

Through the GDX360 process, Rob can provide clients with a wealth of information, from investment strategies to tax optimization. Wealthcare’s process synchronizes his clients’ financial plans with their investments and calculates their Comfort Zone® based on their life goals. As the process monitors changes to his client’s plan based on life goals or market changes, Rob can proactively provide his clients with financial strategies that will keep them on track to reaching their personal goals.

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