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Goals-Based vs Cash-Flow-Based Planning

What’s the #1 question we get from advisors when it comes to their planning approach? “Which is...

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What Makes Wealthcare Different?

Wealthcare is different from other firms. We start with what matters most to you – your life...

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It’s the Goals Management Process, Stupid

Most planning software does not effectively help people set financial goals, nor manage them as...

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Commentary – Youth Sports Don’t Have To Be a Zero Sum Game!

A real-life scenario: A client comes to you and says, “I need to spend $500 per month for my kid’s sports. Can I?”

This not-at-all surprising CNBC article describes how youth sports are beating (up) the financial health of families. It says that using “buckets” is a good way to manage various goals. While we agree that investors benefit from planning, we believe it’s about *tradeoffs*, not buckets. Our thoughts…

Commentary – Only Three “Useless” Questions? More Like the Entire Questionnaire!

In this Advisor Perspectives.com article, Sara Grillo on the typical Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ): it falls down because it doesn’t recognize that the “emotional and psychological aspects of money govern behavior”.

We agree, but think the article misses a key point: goals. Our thoughts…

Commentary – Expected Return Doesn’t Matter, But Probability of Excess Does

Larry Swedroe, in this ETF.com article, on why the return you use when planning matters: when
using expected returns in plans, if the estimate is too high, it’s likely that you won’t reach your
goals. And if expected return estimates are too low, you could be taking more risk
than necessary. Our thoughts…



Live Well, Invest Well

The Wealthcare approach to planning and investing focuses on what matters most to each client – their life goals. It’s about living your life, while staying focused on your future.

Having a Great Conversation

What would a great conversation with an advisor look like? We think we have a good idea. And it’s something that we believe leads not just to a great conversation, but a great experience too.

What is the “Comfort Zone”?

Comfort Zone is produced by our patented financial planning technology. It simultaneously evaluates your goals, investment strategy, assets, and all other financial resources to determine a level of confidence for you that you’ll meet or exceed your goals.

Welcome to the Goals-Driven Experience

Most financial plans are worthless.

They are created based on responses to a static survey in an effort to instill
confidence in a client’s retirement. They are evaluated quarterly and when the
markets move. They don’t reflect real life.

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